Learn more about Broaddus Burgers. We have come a long way from where we started find out how.

Our Story

We will try not to bore you with our story, but it is our story and we are proud of it.
The Broaddus Burger Story:After attaining the Rank of Eagle Scout and graduating from Carencro High in 2006, I went on to receive a Bachelor of Science in General Studies with an emphasis in Business from ULL in 2012. Before I even knew what hit me, at the age of 23, I signed a lease on the “old Sonic building” on Moss Street and the idea of Broaddus Burgers was born. It was my dream to create an environment that would be fun for the customers, my staff and myself. In March 2014 the doors (or should we say parking spaces) of Broaddus Burgers officially opened to the public. This was a place where the options of what you can put between 2 buns seemed limitless and “all things burger” were possible. The novelty of raising a flag to order and the uniqueness of a Broaddus Burger kept people coming back. After three and a half years I knew we were capable of more and ready to take the next step. I envisioned a place where our customers could sit with family and friends to get a good burger and celebrate special occasions. The original Broaddus Burger location was built on the foundation of customer feedback, fresh ideas and delicious food. With your continued input and support, we promise to bring you many more years of the best burgers in the WORLD. Have fun, good luck and be safe.Shawn Broaddus, Owner.